To put it simply, we do provide four things: good food, great coffee, friendly people, and a convenient location.

“Well, duh,” you may be thinking. Those are the four most basic requisites for a coffee shop. But our aims go far beyond locally-sourced food, engaging conversations, and serving you the best cup of coffee this side of the Merrimack.

Though we are young, we want to ingrain ourselves in the rich culture of Salem, MA that you’d assume we’ve been a local staple for decades. In addition to our fantastic coffee (have we mentioned it’s good yet?), we host a variety of late-night events, game nights, and specialty shops, play host to a gallery for local artists, and promote many local charitable organizations. Though we’re always dabbling in new ways to engage with our community, you’ll find we still make time to play chess, make friends, and hold long, philosophical conversations with our patrons.

You remember that one friend’s house from when you were younger that always had the most toys, best snacks, and friendliest family? Yeah, we’re kind of trying to be that friends house. Don’t take the internet’s word for it, though; come on in and meet us for yourself! Or contact us here.

142 Derby Street

Salem, MA

Phone: (978) 594-5754

Email: derbyjoesalem@gmail.com