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7 Coffee Beans From Around the World That You Need To Try

The coffee industry has never been hotter thanks to an influx of independent growers across the globe. Over the last 30 years, coffee undergone a full-on revolution. Roasters like Jim’s Organic Coffee have led the way since the beginning, and at Derby Joe we are proud to serve Jim’s coffee to our customers. There are many other small businesses making incredible, delicious coffee as well and we wanted to share some of our favorites with you.

1. Kona Coffee (Hawaii, USA)

Grown in the volcanic soils of the Kona district on Big Island, Hawaii, Kona is a medium-bodied arabica with a bright acidity and milk-chocolatey profile. Kona coffee is available under several different brand names such as Volcanica Coffee and Koa Coffee, but keep in mind that a pound real Kona coffee may set you back anywhere between $20-$55. (Something about it being very expensive, and advising not to settle for “kona blends” as they’ll only contain a small fraction of actual kona coffee)

2. Tanzania Peaberry Coffee (Africa)

The Tanzania Peabody coffee beans are beloved by coffee lovers across the globe for their medium and fruity body. These delicious beans are grown exclusively on Mt. Meru and Mt. Kilimanjaro in Tanzania. the site espressocoffeeguide.com describes the flavors as, “exhibiting hints of pineapple, citrus, or coconut,” and contains, “winey notes and a velvety feeling on the palate.”

3. Sulawesi Toraja Coffee

Sulawesi is an island in Indonesia that has become world-renowned for their Toraja coffee beans. Aficionados rave about how multidimensional and complex the flavor of this rare coffee. They are well-balanced, with hints of deep, dark chocolate and bright, citrus fruits. It is more earthy than some other Arabica coffees, which gives it a sweet, almost pungent flavor with hints of spice. These rich, varied flavors lend themselves best to a dark roast.

4. Nicaraguan Coffee

Nicaragua is a relative newcomer to the high-quality coffee game. They are already making a name for themselves with a variety of interesting and unique beans. Nicaraguan coffee has an almost cocoa-like quality to it with lots of notes of chocolate and light hints of fruits like dark berries or grapes.

5. Mocha Java Coffee

Mocha Java has become a household name in recent years thanks to an explosive growth in popularity. Arabica Mocha coffee from Yemen and Indonesian Java Arabica coffee are both included under this umbrella term. The two distinct beans have complementary flavors, with the bright, fresh java coffee contrasting with the dark, chocolatey flavor of the Yemen Mocha variety. According to the World’s Best History of Coffee, sailing ships arrived from Java Island to Yemen, specifically the port of Mocha. Coffee beans got mixed up in the hull, someone ground and brewed them, and the rest was history!

6. Sumatra Manheling Coffee

Every coffee drinker has heard of or tried Sumatra coffee. Sumatra is another island in Indonesia, just west of Java. They are famous for their Manheling coffee beans, which are perfect for those of you craving a smooth, sweet coffee. Unlike most of the coffees on this list, Sumatran Manheling beans have very low acidity so they won’t turn your stomach. The only place in the world these beans are grown is near Lake Toba in north central Sumatra.

7. Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee

Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee would be higher on this list if it wasn’t so expensive. The full-flavored, well-balanced coffee features significant notes of fruit and acidity. Described on VolcanicCoffee.com as the “Rolls-Royce of coffees regarded by many as the best coffee in the world.” If you want to try this delightful coffee, go for a medium roast. It is roasted to order and sent straight to your door, so you won’t get it fresher unless you brew it yourself. The coffee beans are grown in the Blue Mountains of Jamaica, above 2,000 feet sea level. The location has the perfect soil and rainfall conditions to make it possibly the best place to grow coffee in the entire world.


What’s your favorite type of coffee? Come by Derby Joe and let us know what you think of our signature cold-brew!